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The application is your last opportunity.

Showcase your best self.

You've done 99% of the work.

The studying, researching, and volunteering that seem like standards for medical school admissions. Now, all that stands between you and an acceptance letter is your personal statement.

MedEssays can help you stand apart from the crowd.

With our comprehensive edits and expert guidance, we'll help showcase what makes you remarkable.

Who We Are

Our staff consists of UCSF medical students who have recently and successfully applied to medical school, so we understand how to craft a stellar personal statement. In fact, our team's essays have earned interviews and acceptances at many of the nation's best medical schools, including Stanford University, UCSF, UCLA, UCSD, Northwestern, Duke, Johns Hopkins and numerous others.

What We Do

MedEssays delivers insightful commentary for your essay and secondaries that will better showcase your character, compassion and motivation for medicine. Because we very recently applied to medical school ourselves, we can provide you original exercises and strategies that actually worked for us. Our personal knowledge of the realities of medical school admissions - the qualities schools really search for and the subtleties that allow applicants to stand out in a crowd - enables us to transform your essays into savvy assets to your medical school application.